Sure signs that you're a UNIX geek

  • When buying a pooter, you tell them they can keep their Micros~1 Winhoze
  • Mailing list management is easy:
    	echo "subscribe maillist" | mail majordomo@foo.com
    	echo "unsubscribe maillist" | mail majordomo@foo.com
  • You use the mail program for interactive mail
  • You use foo and bar every day
  • You read gcc(1) command lines out loud
  • You can pronounce the following:
    	gcc -O2 -DBROKEN_FGETS -DSYSV -DDAMN_OPENWIN -c -o fgets.o fgets.c
  • You wish there WERE a DAMN_OPENWIN #define
  • You force CAPS to be an additional CTRL in X
  • You've disabled CAPS permanently
  • ... by cutting the traces to the key
  • ... and gluing the switch down
  • ... even though you don't use X
  • ... because you don't use X
  • You use -DDIRENT_ILLEGAL_ACCESS regularly
  • ... on purpose
  • ... and know what it does
  • You have _Santa Claus is coming to town_ as UNIX commands posted in your cube
  • You dream in bash or use for i in $HOURS; do sleep 3600; done
  • You use vi
  • ... even though there're other, single-mode, editors available
  • ... and you think that EMACS stands for Eventually malloc()'s All Computer Storage
  • ... you use ex
  • ... ... ed
  • ... ... red
  • ... ... te
  • You never talk about a function without including the () (like dgets())
  • You underline text like _this_ instead of using underlining facilities
  • You have written a mailer in bash because they don't have elm or mutt
  • You use globbing, regexps or programming on a chat (like irc):
    	/me hugs {leia,tapey}
    	for i in *; do /me hugs $i; done
  • You utilize EMACS to its fullest potential by feeding lines of IRC to its M-x doctor mode
  • When you're bored, you cat random files to /dev/audio to see what they sound like
  • You're asked to find a pencil, and immediately think:
    	find / -name 'pencil' -print | less
  • Your mailer is elm
  • ... a shell script you wrote, because they don't have elm
  • ... cat $MAIL is your mail reader, and cat > is how you send mail
  • To send short notes, you use sendmail -bs
  • ... to hell with sendmail -bs, you use telnet target 25 and type the commands and headers in
  • Your idea of package management involves only cp and rm
  • You use m4 to write config files
  • ... term papers
  • ... email
  • ... ... and also gcc -E that
  • ... your resume
  • ... you find dnl somehow amusing
  • You know about sendmail.cf
  • ... and modify it
  • ... add your own rewrite rules
  • ... without using m4, but by hand
  • ... ... from memory
  • ... and greet folks with defocus
  • The following is either a .sig or header stuffing:

    X-Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
    X-Pinky: "Um... I thinkso, Brain, but if it were Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping, wouldn't you want more RAM?

gcc -shared -o libspottie.so.4 -Wl,-soname,spottie spot.o harf.o naf.o \
spotspeak.o grape.o bmuh.o flipspot.o corn.o eureka.o damnsoup.o bitespot.o \
aie.o dtyallp.o qascork.o
ln -s libspottie.so libspottie.so.4
gcc -o spot stuff.o rl.o pleugh.o spot_main.o ducttape.o -L. -lspottie -lm -lz

Blue Rule

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